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Rasa Home, established by the Kejriwal sisters in New Delhi, India, is a studio dedicated to textile, art, design and everything in between. Spanning two generations, Rasa Home comprises artists and craftspeople passionate about honoring the intricate history, processes, and materials involved in handmade, and unique pieces of art. With Rasa Home, we aspire to keep the charm of slow, handmade, and unique craft alive.

Behind the Buzz

"We started Rasa Home in 2019, when the pandemic hit. Some of it was boredom and being jobless, but most of the inspiration came from people around us. Our mother for example, who's been our crafts teacher our entire childhood. We were stitching when most kids were playing kith kith." 

Co-founder, Parul Kejriwal.

Parul Kejriwal
Pallavi Kejriwal

"I started experimenting with a lot of things. Embroidery, soap making, and lots of other crazy, and not so crazy ideas. But I am a 3D visualizer, and my love for transforming a house into a home took over the best of me and there, I poured my first wax into this quirky little mould and from that moment, there was no looking back. Now, our aspiration is to carve our unique niche, blending quirkiness with a mix of eccentric and fundamental craft pieces for your home."

Co-founder, Pallavi Kejriwal.


Our commitment lies in preserving the artistry of handcraft, embracing small-scale production characterized by a meticulous and unhurried approach to achieve perfection without compromising quality at any stage. Concurrently, our vision extends towards becoming an ethical and sustainable brand, one that our future generations will cherish and value. 

Join us in our journey, wishing us success as we strive to attain these goals. Each day, we strive to improve and be better than we were yesterday.

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