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Phaha By Rashi Sharma

Rashi Sharma

Founder of Phaha

Introducing Rashi: Accomplished Macrame Artist and Graphic Designer – An entrepreneur with a passion for macrame and graphic design. In 2020, she launched Phaha, a line of wool earrings, which quickly expanded to include macrame products. With the support of her mother and mother-in-law, Rashi's business thrived until 2022 when she decided to focus on freelance graphic design due to her mother's cancer diagnosis.


We are delighted to Introduce this Rasa Home X Phaha collaboaration where we strive to deliver rashi’s exceptional work to a wider audience. This collaboration will enable Rashi to display her expertise to those who appreciate and cherish her one-of-a-kind creations.


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Rasa Home's journal will take you through astonishing people, art, design and all the ways in which we revel in life's little pleasure.

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